Mist Sprayers

SG Closures has a expansive range of misting sprayers that provide the customer with excellent selection of options including.  Output per actuation, spray pattern, closure spec, dip tube length, aesthetics (closure type, over caps, color combinations) and ecommerce suitability.

Misting Sprayer Supplier

While the concept of atomizing liquids by use of pressure and nozzle compression has been in use for centuries, the application of this technology in misting sprayers became widespread in the last half of the 20th century with the advent of plastic molding and fully automated assembly.  Misting sprayers, typically paired with bottles, became the go-to dispensing solution for a broad range of products.  Misting sprayers are most commonly found on products whose use is targeted and not covering a large area.  Hence the output per actuation of misting sprayers typically ranges between 0.1ml and 1ml.  Misting sprayers are paired with bottles ranging between 1oz and 16oz.  As compared to previous product application methods, misting sprayers offer the advantage of uniform distribution over the target area.  Trigger sprayers became a popular and more cost effective option for applications that typical utilized aerosol cans and for any product where large area distribution of product is desired or required.

Misting sprayers are widely used in a variety markets for dispensing liquid products.  The most common use of trigger sprayers are in the following categories:

  • Automotive
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Pest control
  • Household cleaning 
  • Perfumes
  • Air fresheners 
  • Fabric care 
  • Sanitization
  • Janitorial
  • Healthcare

How do I choose the right misting sprayer?

Selecting the correct misting sprayer is critical for the success of your product.  In determining the best trigger sprayer for you product it is important to take in to consideration the following attributes – spray pattern, output per actuation, atomizing or foaming output, ergonomic requirements, aesthetics and CRC features.  

SG Closures offers a wide variety of misting sprayers with the above combinations of attributes allowing us to provide the most suitable trigger sprayer for our customers exacting requirements.  Our most popular trigger sprayers are featured on this website.  However, we provide many of our customers with custom misting sprayer solutions to meet the specific needs to maximize the success of their products.

SG Closures offers the widest range of misting sprayers, most competitive pricing and service programs to fit the production demands of our customers. Please take a look at the range of models that we offer below. 

SG Closures In Action – Medline.  Qualify the part as a medical device.  Speaks to quality.

The customer base of SG Closures includes many medical supply companies.  The compliance requirements for these customers is quite stringent.  Qualification for use as a medical device being one of the most intensive.  To assist our customer in reaching the quality control measurements to satisfy the FDA requirements to qualify as a medical device using one of our dispensing closures, SG Closures isolated and modified one of our misting sprayer production lines to ensure that we could consistently produce the parts necessary at high volume.  This line also supports the ability for intensive inline production QC and post production QC of the highest standards.