Eco-Friendly Dispensing Closures

We offer all-plastic trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, foam pumps, mist sprayers and hose end sprayers.  These are 100% plastic and recyclable.  In addition to being metal and glass free, these products can be produced using PCR resins, making them some of the most eco-friendly dispensing closures in the market.

Eco-Friendly Dispensing Closures

The use of plastics in the production of dispensing closures is unavoidable.  With that being the case, SG Closures seeks to minimize the environmental impact of our products.  With an eye towards that goal, SG Closures worked with our production partners to develop recyclable options in each of our product categories.  In addition, improvements in PCR (post consumer resins) molding has enabled us to use a greater percentage of PCR in our products than ever before.

For many forward-thinking companies, sustainable packaging is a growing concern.  As such, SG Closures is pleased to present our line of all-plastic, recyclable and post-consumer content products.

How is eco-friendly packaging different than conventional options?

Eco-friendly dispensing closures differ from conventional options by being produced exclusively from plastic materials.  This allows them to be recycled as opposed to conventional options that are produced with mixed materials which prevents them from being recycled.

Do eco-friendly dispensing closures typically cost more than conventional options?

Through increased efficiencies, Eco friendly dispensing closures are now very close in price to conventional options.  As PCR resin is more expensive than virgin resin, PCR content will increase the cost of the closure based on the percentage of PCR content used relative to the total amount of resin in the closure.

With an eye towards a sustainable future for packaging, SG Closures presents its new line of all plastic, recyclable and post-consumer content products. Using more sustainable packaging offers measurable benefits such as product sales and market share, as well as enhanced brand value and consumer goodwill.

A Look To the Future

EU requirements have already been established that will require sustainable retail product packaging by 2024.  It is more than likely that the US and other major markets will follow suit. SG Closures products represent a valuable opportunity to get ahead of upcoming requirements and your market competition.

We hope you will take these products and their benefits into consideration when making your packaging decisions.  For more information and samples, please utilize our inquiry page.  We look forward to hearing from you.