Lotion Pumps

SG Closures has an expansive range of lotion pumps that provide the customer with excellent selection of options including.  Output per actuation, closure spec, dip tube length, aesthetics (actuator shape, nozzle size, color combinations) and ecommerce suitability.

Lotion Pump Supplier

Plastic lotion pumps, one of the most popular dispensing methods for viscous (thick liquid) products in (but not limited too) the personal care and beauty industry, come in all shapes and sizes. When used as designed, pumps dispense the right amount of product time after time.  Most lotion pump applications are topical.  Commonly dispensed in to the consumers hand and then applied to the end point of use.  Due to their convenience and measured dispensing amount, lotion pumps quickly served as a replacement for jar and cap packaging for similar products.  Lotion pumps are cost effective convenient and, as such, very popular became a popular amongst consumers of retail products as well as institutional sanitizing applications.  Given the breadth of potential uses, lotion pumps are available with outputs ranging from 0.25ml to 30ml.

Lotion pumps are widely used in a variety markets where dispensing viscous products is needed.  The most common use of lotion pumps are in the following categories:

  • Personal care
  • Beauty
  • Household cleaning
  • Automotive
  • Laundry
  • Sanitization
  • Healthcare

How do I choose the right lotion pump?

Selecting the correct lotion pump is critical for the success of your product.  In determining the best lotion pump for your product it is important to take in to consideration the following attributes –, output per actuation, volume of paired container, ergonomic requirements, aesthetics and CRC features.  

SG Closures offers a wide variety of lotion pumps with the above combinations of attributes allowing us to provide the most suitable lotion pump for our customers exacting requirements.  Our most popular lotion pumps are featured on this website.  However, we provide many of our customers with custom lotion pump solutions to meet the specific needs to maximize the success of their products.

SG Closures offers the widest range of lotion pump, most competitive pricing and service programs to fit the production demands of our customers. Please take a look at the range of models that we offer below. 

SG Closures In Action – Kao Branded Pump to Avoid Counterfeiting.

One of our larger global brand customers was experiencing loss of market share due to counterfeiting of their product.  In response, SG Closures provided the customer with a uniquely branded closure that would be near impossible to duplicate by a counterfeiter and thereby eliminate the potential for a distributor to sell fake product under the trusted name of the brand owner.