Foaming Pumps

SG Closures has an expansive range of foaming pumps that provide the customer with excellent selection of options including.  Output per actuation, closure spec, dip tube length, aesthetics (actuator shape, nozzle size, color combinations) and ecommerce suitability.

Foaming Pump Supplier

Foaming pumps are the fasted growing method of dispensing liquid products.  Foaming pumps dispense doses of the liquid contained in the bottle in the form of foam by forcing air in the liquid path.  This combination of liquid and air is pushed through and mesh agitation chamber resulting in a foamed output though the foaming pump actuator.  The neck finish size of a foam pump is bigger than the neck finish size of other types of lotion pumps, to accommodate the large diameter of he air bellows.  The usual neck size of a foam pump is either 30mm, 40mm or 43mm.  Whereas many products previously contained instructions to vigorously shake the product, squeeze the bottle, and turn upside-down to disperse the product, foaming pumps do not require any such actions.  Foaming pumps can also be re-used with different liquid products to extend the mass of the liquid by creating a foam-version.


The foam pump is widely used for dispensing cosmetic products and household chemicals, such as mousse foam cleansing, hand washing liquid, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair conditioning mousse, sun protection foam, spot removers, baby products, and so on. In the field of food and beverages, molecular gastronomy style foam is usually created using various techniques and stabilizers such as lecithin, but there is at least one ready-to-use liqueur that has been developed with the foaming apparatus top that produces an alcoholic foam topping for drinks.  When used as designed, pumps dispense the right amount of product time after time.  Most foaming pump applications are topical.  Commonly dispensed in to the consumers hand and then applied to the end point of use.  Due to their convenience and measured dispensing amount, lotion pumps quickly served as a replacement for pressurized packaging for similar products.  Lotion pumps are cost effective convenient and, as such, very popular became a popular amongst consumers of retail products as well as institutional sanitizing applications.  Given the size limitations of the air bellows, outputs range from 0.4ml to 3ml.

Lotion pumps are widely used in a variety markets where dispensing viscous products is needed.  The most common use of lotion pumps are in the following categories:

  • Personal care
  • Beauty
  • Household cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Healthcare

How do I choose the right foaming pump?

Selecting the correct foaming pump is critical for the success of your product.  In determining the best foaming pump for your product it is important to take in to consideration the following attributes –, output per actuation, volume of paired container, ergonomic requirements, aesthetics and CRC features.  

SG Closures offers a wide variety of foaming pumps with the above combinations of attributes allowing us to provide the most suitable foaming pump for our customers exacting requirements.  Our most popular foaming pumps are featured on this website.  However, we provide many of our customers with custom foaming pump solutions to meet the specific needs to maximize the success of their products.

SG Closures offers the widest range of foaming pump, most competitive pricing and service programs to fit the production demands of our customers. Please take a look at the range of foaming pump models that we offer below. 

SG Closures In Action – Kutol/Ecolab Reliability of Supply.  Satisfy Market Demand Spike.

The demand for hand sanitizer during the Covid pandemic presented enormous market potential for our customer in the skin care market.  However, limited production capacity for foaming pumps meant that, for many, while the orders were coming in, the lack of components made it impossible for them to deliver in time.  For our customers in the skin care market, SG Closures assigned our high speed foam pump production lines exclusively to the production of foam pumps to serve customers in this market.  Thereby enabling our customers to satisfy orders and gain considerable market share.